Photographer Candida Höfer's Lush Images of Architecture

The photographer's large-scale interior photos function like architectural character sketches.

If spaces can be said to have their own quirks and personalities, Candida Höfer’s lush, slow-exposure photographs are architectural character sketches on a majestic scale, a series of colorful and revealing building bios. Her new exhibit, Candida Höfer: Images of Architecture, opening May 9, 2014, at the Fondazione Bisazza in Vincenza, Italy, includes more than 20 works personally chosen by the artist that were all created without people, artificial light, or digital enhancement.

Höfer, who’s co-curating the show—the Foundation’s first to focus on architecture—said in a statement: “The subjects of my work are public and semi-public spaces. I prefer them when they are without people. Spaces then seem to tell more about people, what they do for them, and what people have been doing to them.”

Check our slideshow for a selection of Höfer’s photography, on display until July 27, 2014.

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