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April 18, 2013
Behind each of Mermeladaestudio’s many projects is a story: “We love to have products with meaning, products with a rich language and smart details to discover once you watch and use them,” the trio explains. Juan Miguel Juárez, Laura Blasco, and Alex Estévez met in a Barcelona design studio, where Juárez and Blasco worked on the design team and Estévez interned. The three collaborated so well that they founded their own studio in 2009.
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Relying primarily on wood, metal, and fabric, Mermeladaestudio starts its building process by searching for relevant details to incorporate into the product before creating models; only after this physical process do they refine their ideas on a computer. This hands-on approach lends itself well to the group’s gregarious, comfortable furniture and structures.

mermeladaestudio 4

This set of shelves and the Welcome playhouse by Mermeladaestudio showcase the design studio's penchant comfortable furniture and structures.

Often, it also creates a childlike simplicity, like the Nansa indoor swing, based on woven wicker baskets, a set of shelves inspired by houses, or the Welcome playhouse. They may take their name from a sticky-sweet source (mermelada translates to “jam” or “marmalade”), but their designs turn the saccharine into something cutting-edge.

Modern swinging chair.

The Nansa indoor swing by Mermeladaestudio.


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