Mara Skujeniece

Amsterdam-based Mara Skujeniece is a product designer whose work often narrates an underlying story: Porcelain candleholders have felt coasters that mimic the containers’ shadows; ceramic vases for a textile factory were cast in plaster molds of spindles wrapped with yarn; and a series of barn drawings she made during a visit to her native Latvia inspired a line of blankets for the TextielMuseum in Tilburg. “I liked the process of making two-dimensional renderings of 3-D structures and then reconverting them into high-relief fabrics,” she says of the abstract raised patterns in the linen, wool, and cotton fabrics. Start Slideshow
mara skujeneice draped in blanket.

Mara Skujeniece is draped in a blanket from her “Farm Fabrics“ series. Photo courtesy Mara Skujeneice.

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