Lotty Lindeman and Wouter Scheublin

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Lotty Lindeman and Wouter Scheublin's wood and ceramics workshop is located within designer Piet Hein Eek’s building, a former Philips factory in Eindhoven that was remodeled in 2010 into a furniture factory, restaurant, and several storefront ateliers. Lindeman’s and Scheublin’s work displays a kinetic quality. “We like to be artfully expressive, but the goal is to make products that function in everyday life,” Lindeman says. “It’s not only about the object but also about how it creates moods and lets your imagination play.” View Slideshow
TentLamp by Lotty Lindeman.

The TentLamp by Lotty Lindeman can be raised or lowered using a sand-filled porcelain weight similar to those in Victorian gas lamps.

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