Daphna Laurens

Daphna Isaacs Burggraaf and Laurens Manders label their collaborative oeuvre Daphna Laurens because they work so closely “It’s like finishing each other’s sentences,” says Manders. “We could not work without each other.” Each of their pieces is first conceived by cutting paper to make amoebic collages, an abstract beginning that affects each piece's end use. Isaacs says, “We want people to fantasize about our objects and even give them uses we never intended.” For example, their three-legged Cirkel Coffee Table 01 (left) has a warped aluminum top and a conical wood-clad vessel that acts as a third “leg.” Up next for the pair is a diffusion line through Capellini, who will produce less expensive versions of Daphna Laurens' oak and porcelain Tafelstukken lamps. View Slideshow
daphna laurens portrait

Daphna Isaacs Burggraaf and Laurens Manders of Daphna Laurens.

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