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August 3, 2013
Originally published in Designers at Home
Internet Explorers
Today’s global design scene is more expansive and easier to access than ever, thanks to all things Internet—websites, webshops, and an international brigade of bloggers.

Online design writers do more than recycle content: They’re often the first to suss out new talent and forecast burgeoning trends. In the age of point, click, and post, intelligence can be disseminated within seconds, and we rely on these quick-draw tastemakers to sort through the clutter and surface the good stuff. We asked 5 of our favorite web surfers to share their favorite webshops with us.

Daniel Kanter of manhattan-nest.com - "I covet so many things from ladiesandgentlemenstudio.com, run by Dylan Davis and Jean Lee. Each collection is simple, beautiful, a little weird, and has the perfect mix of unexpected materials.”
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Florence Deau of flodeau.com - “Belgium-based zangra.com sells vintage and new home accessories, lighting, stationery, and other well-sourced pieces. If you’re looking for affordable art prints, I’d recommend society6.com. They ship worldwide.”
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Danielle De Lange of style-files.com - “Bymolle.com, an online shop in the Netherlands, sells beautiful interior accessories made by European weavers and craftsmen.”
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Patrick Parrish of mondo-blogo.blogspot.com - “I turn to projectno8.com for everything from a suit to a keychain. Their hand-knit birds are pretty amazing. I have the Pigeon.”
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Kelly Beall of designcrushblog.com - “I adore poketo.com and am lusting after their Japanese Enamel Stock Pot—its clean lines and crisp feel align with my own personal aesthetic.” ­­
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