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August 8, 2013
Originally published in Designers at Home
Where do you go for design inspiration?
We asked some of our favorite online design writers which sites inspire their blogs and influence their design sense.
manystuff.org—not many other blogs have such a keen editorial eye. I also often drop by cabinporn.com—all those intimate little paradises spark the imagination.” —Pieterjan Grandry of crapisgood.com
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“Mostly I read other blogs—favorites like doorsixteen.comchezerbey.comthe-brick-house.comkitka.ca —and look at Instagram.” —Daniel Kanter of manhattan-nest.com

Originally appeared in Blogger Focus: Favorite Webshops
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“I tend not to look online for inspiration. I look everywhere else: trade shows, interesting people, the countryside, the seaside, art, music, literature. And I do love a good TED talk!” —Katie Treggiden confessionsofadesigngeek.com

Originally appeared in Katie Treggiden's Local Discoveries from Great Britain
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Diana Moss of Miss Moss

“If you follow the right people on Pinterest it’s a veritable gold-mine for inspiration of all kinds.” —Diana Moss of missmoss.co.za

Originally appeared in Diana Moss's Local Discoveries from South Africa
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