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November 2, 2012

After years of working as a fashion photographer, Maude Arsenault began toying with the idea of opening her own gallery devoted to photography to reunite with artists she admires or collects. At the request of clients and art buyers who wanted to purchase prints from her, she started The Print Atelier, a print gallery, in 2011. Then, this past September, Arsenault and her team launched The Print Atelier website, representing nine artists and featuring approximately 145 works in an online gallery. 

Unlike other print galleries, such as Society 6, The Print Atelier describes itself as a boutique, only offering between two and 100 copies of each print. Arsenault carefully curates the artist’s works and focuses on motifs such as portraits, abstracts, nudes, and landscapes. Each print is sent to customers with a signed certificate of authenticity and the website offers suggestions on proper framing and storing.

To give customers a more intimate perspective, The Print Atelier will begin airing video interviews of the artists, including Arsenault, in two weeks, and just launched a tumblr as an ever-changing inspiration board. Blurring the lines between inaccessible online website and thoughtfully curated gallery even further, The Print Atelier plans to throw pop up exhibitions throughout 2013, beginning in Montreal, Canada, this December. 

Photograph of woman swimming
Parallel-d by Robin Cerutti
Courtesy of 
robin cerutti
1 / 7
photograph of a woman in a red dress
Red dress 1 by Maude Arsenault
2 / 7
Testify 02, a portrait of a girl
Testify 02 by Daniel Shipp
3 / 7
Let's go home, landscape photo
Let's go Home by Julie Artacho
4 / 7
Ester, side profile portrait
Ester by Le Pigeon
5 / 7
Landscape photograph by Outmayma B. Tanfous
Pigra by Outmayma B. Tanfous
6 / 7
7 / 7
Photograph of woman swimming
Parallel-d by Robin Cerutti

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