13 Inspiring Coworking Spaces

Kiss the cube goodbye; these collective offices add flair to the freelance life.

If you’re reading this article at your lackluster desk, pining for a more inspiring place to do your job, you’re not alone. Dwell found a dozen shared work environments that not only offer the promise of more flexibility and collaboration, but also provide inspiring examples of office design.

While the rapid expansion of the coworking boom of the last few years is cooling down, seven out of ten coworking facilitators report that they don’t have the space to keep up with demand, according to Deskmag’s 2014 Coworking Forecast. With the gradual transformation of the American workforce into a corp of flexible freelancers—the Bureau of Labor Statistics estimates that by 2020, roughly 40% of American workers, or 65 million people, will be self-employed —these types of spaces may become more the norm than the exception.

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