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  1. Copenhagen wall lamp

    Copenhagen wall lamp

    This lamp has a built-in USB charger.


  2. Herringbone wallpaper

    Herringbone wallpaper

    The classic herringbone pattern gets a modern twist with this wallpaper.


  3. Radient Sconce Plate Walnut

    Radient Sconce Plate Walnut

    This minimal light is made of rich walnut.


  4. Mock Rock wallpaper

    Mock Rock wallpaper

    This graphic, monochromatic wallcovering is designed and fabricated in Brooklyn. 


  5. Buddies sconces

    Buddies sconces

    The two-toned brass pieces—in square, triangle, and circular shapes—add sculptural flair to a room and an earthy vibe.


  6. Shattered Crackle wallpaper

    Shattered Crackle wallpaper

    This wallpaper is printed with eco-solvent archival ink.


  7. GrillO Large wall lamp

    GrillO Large wall lamp

    The GrillO wall-lamp by Elise Fouin features a perforated metal disc that allows light to seep through and be diffused.


  8. Aurora wallpaper

    Aurora wallpaper

    Aurora is meant to immerse viewers in waves and washes of color. 


  9. Mews Industrial

    Mews Industrial

    With palette names like Fog, Pigeon, and Soot, the porcelain stoneware—rendered in versatile chevron, rectangular, and square shapes—reflects London’s landscape. 


  10. Quartz Collection

    Quartz Collection

    A longtime leader in laminates, Wilsonart has taken a leap into quartz slabs starting with user-friendly hues that mimic natural stone. 


  11. Otto tile

    Otto tile

    Postmodern design is about reappropriating elements from the past, and the same is true of this tile line based on Stern’s structures.


  12. Fractal Ridge tile

    Fractal Ridge tile

    The high-gloss wall tile is easy to clean and reflects light, making small spaces seem larger. 


  13. Slimtech Type-32 tile

    Slimtech Type-32 tile

    Suitable for wall or floor applications in high-traffic areas, the tile has a textile-like look and four mix-and-match patterns.


  14. Urban Armor tile

    Urban Armor tile

    The triangular metallic tile comes in brass, steel, and black finishes and nine- and 18-inch formats. 


  15. Stockholm 815 tile

    Stockholm 815 tile

    Granada has made a name for itself through its Mediterranean-themed offerings, but this cement piece is from its new foray into Nordic motifs.


  16. Flexible Architecture tile

    Flexible Architecture tile

    The tile comes in glossy, matte, and stucco-like finishes. Nine color options are available, as is matching grout. 


  17. Micene tile

    Micene tile

    Made from formaldehyde-free plywood, the wall tiles can be configured in myriad ways. The magnetic mounting system is a boon for renters or frequent movers. 


  18. Camou tile

    Camou tile

    An abstracted camouflage graphic adorns the porcelain tile. It’s rectified—meaning mechanically finished on all sides—to achieve uniformity and evenness. 


  19. Infinite Glass: Pattern+

    Infinite Glass: Pattern+

    The gradient in this pressed-glass product offers privacy while still allowing light to shine through. It’s available in a wealth of customizable colors and patterns. 


  20. Dekton by Cosentino

    Dekton by Cosentino

    The material offers a strong alternative to natural stone. Its manufacturing process “gives the surface virtually zero porosity, ensuring excellent scratch resistance, high resistance to...


  21. Mosaico Digitale

    Mosaico Digitale

    “This is a way to create large-format imagery for interior spaces that mimic hotel interiors.” The Italian company can render virtually any digital image onto resin tiles of...


  22. Slentex


    “The anorganic aerogel–based flexible insulation panel gives superior insulating properties compared to standard blown foam or glass-fiber batting.” Instead of spray-foam...

  23. Clarity UltraSEAL

    Clarity UltraSEAL

    Maintaining that clean, just-purchased look in products is often a challenge at home. “The film can be used as a fingerprint-resistant coating for glass, metals, and other hard...


  24. Gorilla Glass

    Gorilla Glass

    “Using the technology in smartphone screens, this surface can be used as a touch screen or as a protective overlay,” Andrew Dent says. A chemical process gives it unparalleled strength...

  25. Minta Touch

    Minta Touch

    The faucet turns on or off with a simple tap—a boon for those afflicted with arthritis (or dirty hands). Available in Grohe’s Starlight chrome or SuperSteel InfinityFinish.