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  1. Salinas system

    Salinas system

    Tubular, matte-black steel frames sustainable surfaces like recycled glass and glazed lava in this modular kitchen inspired by Urquiola’s memories of seaside Spain. 

  2. Hidden wall hooks

    Available in six shades of stained beech plus natural oak and walnut, these wall-mounted hooks activate the vertical plane for hanging or stacking items.  


  3. Rimforsa work bench

    A freestanding kitchen island for commitment-phobes, this stainless-steel–and-bamboo workspace offers adjustable shelves for storage at a fraction of the cost of a built-in. 


  4. Custom cabinet system

    Lines that can be architecturally integrated make it easy to add storage to tight spaces—like this Corian unit tucked under the stairs in a New York kitchen.  

  5. Foodshelf system

    This customizable line reimagines the kitchen as a compact unit, with doors that can be fully opened and tucked away, or closed to keep pantry essentials out of sight. 

  6. Kinetic Wire Sculpture

    Kinetic Wire Sculpture

    The American artist’s hanging artworks—referred to as “mobiles” by contemporary Marcel Duchamp—are exercises of abstraction and color in motion.

  7. 2x Glass Bowl

    2x Glass Bowl

    2x Glass Bowl by Assembly Broken glass shards are embedded—and blunted—in this deceptively safe bowl that’s mouth-blown, molded, cut, and polished.

  8. Felt Dining Table and Chairs

    Felt Dining Table and Chairs

    Felt Dining Table and Chairs by Delphine and Reed Krakoff for Established & Sons An unconventional application of soft fabric adds both warmth and tension to the function of these furnishings, ...

  9. Door Handle

    Door Handle

    Door Handle by Alvar Aalto Believing that grasping a door handle is akin to shaking hands with a building, the Finnish architect paid great attention to user interaction. Leather-wrapped door ha...

  10. Banchan Series 02 dishes, Set VI

    Banchan Series 02 dishes, Set VI

    This six-piece tabletop set in stoneware—an age-old material that’s durable and doesn’t alter the flavor of food—is inspired by traditional Korean side-dish plates.

  11. Drink Rocks

    Drink Rocks

    Geometric forms in hand-finished soapstone and marble keep drinks cool yet undiluted, unlike the humble ice cube.


  12. Five-Piece Cutlery Set

    Five-Piece Cutlery Set

    Designed to fit naturally in the diner’s hand, this sculptural flatware from 1957 trades ornamentation for svelte, minimalist shapes in matte steel.


  13. Censer by Apparatus

    Censer by Apparatus

    Ritual meets Platonic forms in this incense burner made of hand-cast porcelain and brass.


  14. Scent London Collector Brick Diffuser

    Scent London Collector Brick Diffuser

    The porosity of this clay brick—housed in a handsome copper tin—makes for a surprisingly apt vehicle for a scent meant to recall the British capital. 


  15. 9091 Kettle

    9091 Kettle

    Subverting the anxiety-inducing noise produced by typical kettles, Sapper’s 1983 design includes a brass whistle that emanates a harmonic pitch.


  16. Portable Transistor Radio and Phonograph

    Portable Transistor Radio and Phonograph

    With a compact, rectilinear body, Rams’s 1959 Functionalist design heralded the now-ubiquitous notion of personal music on-the-go.

  17. Ateenan Aamu Glass Wind Chime

    Ateenan Aamu Glass Wind Chime

    Finnish for “Morning in Athens,” these delicate, mouth-blown pendants create a soft, enchanting sound when they strike one another.


  18. Maxwell Chair

    In his Bull City studio, Elijah Leed crafts handmade furniture from Appalachian wood. This lounge combines walnut and oiled leather. 


  19. Stripe and Scandi Lamps (bases shown here)

    Beth Katz’s hand-thrown stoneware and porcelain gives Scandinavian style a rough-hewn wabi-sabi energy. 


  20. Lift Brushed Copper Fruit Bowls

    Lift Brushed Copper Fruit Bowls

    These sculptural serving pieces by Felicia Ferrone are handcrafted in brass and finished with the metal of the moment: copper.


  21. Saddle Leather Cot

    From their studio in a West Texas art colony, Garza Marfa creates furniture with a rustic bent, like this natural leather lounge with powder-coated steel legs. Call it cowboy...


  22. Four Tens Rug

    Nancy Kennedy uses a custom stand-up loom to weave what she calls “art underfoot”—geometric rugs like this reversible wool-and-linen design. 


  23. Hex Brass Bottle Opener

    Heavy metal meets minimalism in this Brancusi-like bottle opener from designers Jamie Iacoli and Brian McAllister. 


  24. 2-Tier Coffee Table

    Yield Design’s restrained material palette showcases each element of this flat-pack alder table with powder-coated steel hardware. 


  25. Quilt No. 1

    Quilt No. 1

    Quilting gets a modern spin in the studio of Alexandra Gray Bennett and Jocelin Johnson, where each future heirloom passes through the hands of as many as 10 local artisans.