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Dror Benshetrit

One of the better satellite shows this year at Design Miami was just down the block from the Design Miami tent at the Cappelini showroom. Entitled “Limited Forever,” this show offered limited-edition re-imaginings of some of Cappelini’s iconic products from the last five years. Though some appeared, to my eye, as unneeded retreads, I was taken with designer Dror Benshetrit’s take on his recent Peacock Chair. I sat down with Dror at Fratelli Lyon in the Miami Design District for a macchiato and a chat.


Dror, first tell me a bit about this one-off Peacock Chair. What was the idea there?

This was simply fun. At first I was planning on printing on the folded felt of the Peacock Chair, but as we got into the process, which is more like staining the fabric instead of really printing as such, it became clear that it would take too long. Maybe we’ll do the print edition for Salone in Milan this year, but for Design Miami we didn’t have time. So what ended up happening was that Cappelini sent me the first pre-production prototype of my in-house model for the Peacock Chair. What I wanted to do was to highlight the imperfection of that model, so I painted it white, then added in red, all the changes that we made. So you can see on this chair where we wanted to make it bigger in one spot, smaller in another.


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