(San Francisco, CA) April 23, 2014 _ Dwell Media, a leading media brand with a mission to bring modern design to everyone, announces that it has added a new premium programmatic offering to its advertising platform; this is the first foray into programmatic media sales for the fast-growing brand.

Premium Programmatic on dwell.com makes it easier for advertisers to control their buy— targeting, pacing, and budget parameters—for each campaign. The new program is an automated option that allows advertisers a more efficient way to reach Dwell’s more than 2 million monthly unique visitors.

“The Dwell audience has always gone to Dwell online for inspiration and information. Starting last November visitors also began coming to the Dwell Store, where design seekers discover thousands of products from hundreds of brands worldwide—with new products added daily. Advertisers on Dwell reach an audience that is passionate about design, seeking the newest modern products and services, and poised to buy and take action,” says Dwell Digital Executive Director Celine Bleu.

While programmatic media buying has generally been associated with remnant inventory and an untargeted media spend, Dwell’s new premium offering is being coupled with custom and native programming, extending the advertiser storyline and allowing advertisers to be a part of a genuine consumer dialogue and experience.

The decision to create the new program is part of a larger effort to both develop in-house ad technology and evolve the company’s digital platform. “Today’s advertiser is savvy and expects a technology-driven media-buying experience that engages the consumer, drives value for the brand, and exceeds performance expectations,” says Brandon Huff, Dwell’s Chief Operating Officer. “Dwell will continue to work strategically with advertisers to reach a rapidly-growing audience across all platforms.”

About Dwell Media: Dwell Media has been a champion and purveyor of good design for over 14 years. Our strength is in identifying and exploring design concepts that are idea- driven, modern, and sensitive to social and physical surroundings. Our success lies with helping our community foster their own understanding of design principles and how it can transform lives. Through a rapidly expanding offering of media platforms, Dwell inspires its community of 3.5 million with smart and thoughtful ideas for modern living.

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