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December 17, 2013
In this series, Sebastian Mariscal designs a home in Venice, California, that brings the outside in. We track the project from start to finish with resident Michael Sylvester. Part 24, June 2013: Furniture and Accessories.

With construction and landscaping completed, it is time to start moving in the furnishings. We selected Delta Wright ASID, IIDA, LEED AP, Co-founder of Curated, to act as our Interior Designer. Delta and her team helped us to integrate our existing vintage furniture collection with additional selections. In this image the open-plan kitchen, dining and living room space on the ground floor open onto courtyards on both sides of the house.
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The Living Room contains a mixture of vintage and contemporary elements. On the right is a circa 1960s modern recliner by Swedish designer Folke Ohlsson for DUX. On the left is one of two black leather Marcel Breuer B35 lounge chairs, designed in 1928 for Thonet. The felt rug was sourced from Peace Industry in San Francisco. At the rear right is a white Rabbit Air filter and also a woven fish trap by Vicki Brown for Australian Aboriginal Maningrida Arts & Culture .
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Two 1960’s furniture items from Brazil grace the living room, both sourced from Thomas Hayes Gallery; the mohair sofa was designed by Jean Gillon and the coffee table was designed by Guiseppi Scapinelli. The Alpaca wool pillows are by D. Bryant Archie. The Drumbox Floor Lamp from Diesel with Foscarini was sourced from Lumens.com. Bluetooth speakers from Soundfreaq. Photo by Andre Movsesyan
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The living, dining and kitchen spaces open onto courtyards on both sides.
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The dining area looking onto the Pine Needle Courtyard. The striking Ukiyo G Ceiling/Wall Combo light by AXO Light was sourced from Lumens.com. Table accessories are from A+R including Knifeforkspoon Cutlery and Platebowlcup Table Set by Alessi & Jasper Morrison.
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Looking across the dining table to the kitchen. The cabinets are by Semihandmade. All wall and ceiling paint in the home is Baby’s Breath from Dunn-Edwards. The ceiling in the Great Room is Dunn-Edwards' flat Spartawall ultra-low VOC paint.
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The master bedroom includes a felt rug from Peace Industry. All lighting is from Lumens.com including the Kelvin LED Floor Lamp by Antonio Citterio for Flos and the built-in lamps in the nook above the bed. The geometric side table is from Thomas Hayes Studio.
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Interior Designer Delta Wright ASID, IIDA, LEED AP, Co-founder of Curated.
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The South guest bedroom features a Filigri rug from Room & Board and the Manana Lamp by Design Stockholm House from Lumens.com. Cabinets are by Semihandmade
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A reverse view of the South guest bedroom showing natural steel Slim C-Shaped tables, Wyatt Queen Low Headboard Bed and all bed linens from Room & Board. The Antwerp Table Lamp by Jonathan Adler is from Lumens.com
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View from the South guest bedroom to the bridge garden. The Alpaca wool daybed pillow is from D. Bryant Archie.
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North guest bedroom. From Room & Board the Soren Chair in an Ebony finish, Wyatt Queen Low Headboard Bed, Lind Cowhide Ottoman and all bedding including Galbraith & Paul Tiles pillows. Lumens.com lighting products include the Manana Lamp by Design Stockholm House, Tab Table Lamp by Edward Barber and Jay Osgerby for Flos Lighting and also Abyss Table Lamp by Blasius Osko & Oliver Deichmann for Kundalini.
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The North bedroom patio features an Ipe decking system from Eco Arbor Designs. The Cruz Sofa with Cushions and Case Study planter with Walnut Base are from Room & Board.
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This nook features the Naomi Floor Lamp by Carpyen from Lumens.com
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The Media Room features a Materico fine wool rug, Electa swivel armchair in tigris light grey and Password 3-Drawer unit low credenza in matt taupe from Calligaris.
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A reverse view of the media room shows a Key square extending table, Element side table, a Basil desk chair in mustard yellow and Materico fine wool rug – all from Calligaris. The Tolomeo Mini Table Lamp by Giancarlo Fassina, Michele De Lucchi for Artemide is from Lumens.com
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The home office ceiling features a Smithfield C Flushmount light by FLOS from Lumens.com.
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The outdoor furniture setting includes four Inox chairs by Brazilian designer Zanini de Zanine from Thomas Hayes Gallery.The fireplace is from Spark Modern Fires .
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This ceramic umbrella pot is from Kyouei Design in Japan. The clever design allows rainwater from an umbrella to drain into a plant pot at the base. It doesn't rain very much in Los Angeles so we used drought tolerant plants that can survive between drinks.
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With construction and landscaping completed, it is time to start moving in the furnishings. We selected Delta Wright ASID, IIDA, LEED AP, Co-founder of Curated, to act as our Interior Designer. Delta and her team helped us to integrate our existing vintage furniture collection with additional selections. In this image the open-plan kitchen, dining and living room space on the ground floor open onto courtyards on both sides of the house. Photo by Michael Sylvester.

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