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Dwell Home Venice: Part 10

In this series, Sebastian Mariscal designs a home in Venice, California, that brings the outside in. We track the project from start to finish with future resident Michael Sylvester. Part 10, December 2011: Pouring Concrete Slabs

After all of the preparation it is time to pour the concrete slabs on the ground floor.

Pouring the garage floor. There is no radiant heating in the garage and so none of the red PEX tubing here.

Finishing touches in the garage.
The pour moves on to the living room where the red PEX radiant heat tubing is evident.
Using a straightedge to level the surface.
In the foreground is a vibrator which helps to remove air bubbles and settle the concrete.
The instrument with the long blue handle is called a bull float - it helps to smooth the surface. The blue plastic tent above the work area is used to keep pine tree needles from falling on the wet concrete.
Using a hand trowel to tidy the edge where a door tread will rest flush with the concrete floor.
Application of a retarder finish.
Water jet removal of retarder.
The slabs are covered with thermal blankets which help with curing. The objective is to retain moisture under the blankets as the concrete cures.

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