January 1, 2009

All of Scrapile’s sharp modern forms come from the solid block of wood. The pieces have evolved from basic, boxy shapes to more complex lines as Salgado, who does most of the design, has become more comfortable as a woodworker. “Initially the idea was to keep the designs as simple as possible,” says Salgado, a sculptor by training. “But the more I got involved in the making of the material, the more I wanted to push the structure and the language of the design into being a little more contemporary. I’m not a traditional woodworker. I’ve learned it all on the job. I’ve never adhered to the rules.” The Pi table, shown in progress here, is one of Scrapile’s simplest, but still displays thoughtful, subtle detail.

The assembly in progress.
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Once they have crafted the materials,it’s time to cut, measure, and assemble the pieces of the Pi table.
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A drawing of the top of the Pi table shows the intricate striation.
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A drawing of the pi table.
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scrapile assembly pi table
The assembly in progress.

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