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04 Groove

Once the pieces are assembled, their stepped miter joints are glued together and clamped to dry. Wrong routs a three-millimeter perpendicular groove along every 90-degree corner of each piece. The groove exposes some real plywood, along with a hint of the structure–—offset baldly by the black paint surrounding it, and by Woods’s colorful prints. Asked what the highlight of manufacturing is, Wrong laughs wearily, and cites the moment of watching a mechanized router blade cut away and reveal raw plywood. “This element shows you the real material, while the faces are printed with an artistic version of it,” he says. “It’s an aesthetically pleasing meeting of materials. The devil is in the detail.”
Drying the panels on a rack.

  • <h2><a href="">Wrong Woods</a></h2><p></p>Step inside the comic-book world of Richard Woods and Sebastian Wrong and witness the right way their Wrong Woods line of graphic furniture is made. <p></p><p></p>Fea

    Wrong Woods

    Established & Sons—The Wrong Woods furniture series is a collaboration between designer Sebastian Wrong and artist Richard Woods for Established & Sons. Wrong creates the object, designing furniture pieces with unadorned surfaces. He sends them into production where Woods applies his signature prints of simplified wood grain in Technicolor. Livia Lauber, a young designer on the Established & Sons team, helps
    to streamline the production process. The plywood line, now composed of a night table, chest of drawers, bookcase, and storage unit, met the public at the 2007 Milan Furniture Fair, and again at Moss last fall in New York. On the eve of the line’s mass production, Dwell visited the factory, which is on the southern outskirts of London, England.

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