02 Plywood

Wrong based his designs on DIY plywood-furniture patterns from postwar Britain. “It’s a very simple message of construction using plywood and turned timber legs,” he explains.“ They’re like patterns people used to get from the library, bring home, and make. I remember my dad making them.”

The plywood pieces are CNC-cut into shape, and CNC-routed with stepped miter joints that eliminate the need for pins, biscuits, or any fixings other than PVA glue. “They’re not highly engineered,” Wrong says of the runner systems for the cabinet doors and dresser drawers. “We’re using hardware that’s quality, but basic. That’s in tune with our idea of the piece.” Though Woods’s prints sell in galleries of editioned works of art, in this con-text they are furniture, which is usually more affordable. “This is production work, not edition work,” says Wrong. “We decided not to make editions, because it was important to produce a product that is not too expensive.”
Wrong Woods furniture piece being built
Rupert Wilson-Copp of Studio Caparo applies touch-ups.

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