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September 13, 2013
Need a proper, grown-up bar setup for entertaining friends? Here are six options from the pages of Dwell to inspire you to reconfigure any long, short, awkward, or tiny space into one fit for a dream host.
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<p>The wet bar at the end of the kitchen is equipped with a spout for filtered water, ice maker, wine fridge, and over-sink shelving--and is the happy-hour hotspot.</p>Photo by <a href="http://www.benmayorgaphoto.com">Ben Mayorga Photography</a>

Designer Nicole Hollis outfitted a San Francisco home with a wet bar at one end of the kitchen. It’s equipped with a spout for filtered water, an ice maker, a wine fridge, and over-sink shelving—it is the happy-hour hotspot. Photo by Ben Mayorga Photography.

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