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August 8, 2013
As we prepare for our November issue, which is all about small spaces, we’re thinking small, and that often means creative use of otherwise wasted space above the main floor. Getting to these spaces always requires an equally space-saving vehicle. Enter the ladder, that age-old device that may have its ups and downs (we couldn’t resist), but whether helping us reach for that top-shelf book or getting us to our sleeping loft, can be rendered in so many oh-so-modern ways. Here are some that have graced the pages of Dwell.
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Dan Garness used paint and well-placed windows to keep Duane’s office bright and airy.

In law professor Carole Goldberg and sociology professor Duane Champagne’s Los Angeles home, books are stacked to the rafters of the 13-foot-high ceiling. Reaching them, as well as an adjacent sleeping loft, is a snap with library ladders (about $1,500 each from Alaco Ladder Company).

Photo by: Shawn Records

Photo by Shawn Records.

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