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Wolfe Den, Austin, Texas

Architect MJ Neal, much like his hometown of Austin, Texas, possesses a balanced combination of country cordiality and urban edge. In October 2008, we wrote about one of his projects in the rural town of Cleburne, outside of Fort Worth, which embodied the spacious, roughhewn side of Neal's style. Today we feature one of his most recent projects, Wolfe Den, an urbane counterbalance to our last visit with this Texan architect.


Click the yellow "Slideshow" button to see photos and floor plans for the project. Photos: Viviane Vives.

Homeowners Alex Wolfe and Jamie Thorvilson recently moved into the Wolfe Den, which sits on a quiet residential block in Austin. The facade, clad in massarunduba hardwood sourced from a managed forest supplier, strikes a sharp modern chord but still echoes the painted wood siding on many of the neighboring homes.

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