Modern Take on a Texas Farmhouse

A modern, gabled home in Austin is designed to feel like a "leftover railroad house that had been repurposed."

When beginning construction, Austin-based contractor Royce Flournoy hoped that the simple, gabled structure of the farmhouse-style home he now shares with his partner would blend seamlessly into the urban space around it. Because their home is located near a metro rail stop, Flournoy imagined that the bronze windows, steel details, and simple, gabled structure “would feel like a leftover railroad house that had been repurposed,” rather than a brand new, two-story home. The result was a simple, but unmistakably modern home, whose unembellished white exterior interacts well with the lively context of East Austin architecture.

Flournoy collaborated with architect Patrick Ousey to create a timeless appeal for their interior space. The open kitchen and large windows invite plenty of natural light, and clever design details like a screened staircase with vertical steel slats filters light from above, elevating the structure from simple farmhouse to a well-considered, contemporary home.

Inside, Flournoy and his partner relied on simple materials and colors in an effort to design a space that would work as a blank canvas for their growing collection of art and furnishings. “I like seeing how good architecture compliments and creates a backdrop for fine furnishings and art,” Flournoy says. “My collection is in its infancy, so as I collect, I was hoping the space would change without a need to change the architecture.” 

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