La Bodega Winery in Palamos, Spain

Designed by Spanish architects RCR Arquitectes, La Bodega is a winery situated on a private vineyard near the coastal town of Palamos. The architecture strikes a balance between the artificial and the natural, existing within a man-made valley cut into the Catalan landscape.

RCR's work is characterized by an exploration of the boundaries between man-made architecture and natural landscapes. Using materials such as steel and glass, they play with light and shadows, a theme that reappears throughout the winery's architecture.

“La Bodega is a singular work, although it expresses itself with some of (our) essential values...: a strong relation with the location, a careful path, the space and the light, the use of natural materials,” says architect  Vialta, who founded RCR together with partners Rafael Aranda and Carme Pigem.

The winery itself houses wine production facilities, a cellar and an underground amphitheater. The structure slopes down through the artificial valley and descends to a production area that subsequently leads to underground cellarswhere wine tastings and other events are held. Vialta says the starting point for La Bodega was "to capture the essence of the world of the wine inside the soil, underground, and making one feel intense experiences with it."

Visitors to La Bodega also have the opportunity to spend the night in one of six rooms in a traditional Catalan guest house on the estate. The bedrooms are furnished with antiques from the personal collection of estate owner Kurt Engelhorn. Also nearby is a historic chapel, Hermita de Santa Maria de Bell-Lloc.

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