Fine Finnish: Master Bedroom

Despite its serene appearance, the master bedroom is an active, multifunctional space. The family sits together on the bed to read and watch cartoons: Tove Jansson’s Moomin, about trolls who live in the forests of Finland, is a favorite.

Master bedroom with couch-bed, Ikea desk, and rocking chair.
Armed with a DIY spirit and tight budget, designers Susanna and Jussi Vento sought to renovate their 660-square-foot Helsinki apartment into a cozy home packed with quirky charm. Their white interior palette, complemented by black accents, serves as the perfect starting point for Susanna to display her attention to crafty details. The hints of neon accentuate the clean glow of the white master bedroom furnished with a trestle desk built with Ikea legs, a rocking horse found on, and a bed that doubles as a couch.

With its cluster of bare bulbs, the light above the bed channels a pricey Droog design. “I bought individual cords and knotted them together. Then I took it to an electrical shop and had them join the cords into one plug.”

The simple trestle desk where Susanna works on her blog Pikkuvarpunen (“little sparrow”) is made of Ikea table legs and a piece of wooden veneer. “It looks elegant and is easy to move around,” Susanna observes.

Since the bed doubles as a couch, Susanna bought a smart-looking quilted bedspread that zips snugly around the mattress from the Finnish company Ava Room. Stacks of interior design magazines stand in
for bedside tables, held together with sturdy textile straps and locks.

Susanna found the rocking horse on, a Finnish equivalent to eBay. Underfoot is a black-and-white rug—–“a housewarming gift from a relative who wove it from recycled sheets and VHS cassette tapes. We truly have a family of DIY buffs.”

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