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Fine Finnish: Living/Dining Room

The focal point of the living/dining room is an oak table from Ikea. “We like to draw, read newspapers, sew, and invite friends over, so a generous table suits our lifestyle.” No couch? “We simply don’t need one—–plus it would take up a lot of space.”

vento residence living dining room

Susanna is willing to work for the things she covets, such as the Bertoia chairs by the window. “I Googled ‘wire chairs’ (rautalankatuoli in Finnish) because I figured if somebody sells them with that
description, he doesn’t know their true value,” she says with a mischievous grin. The first chair came from northern Finland, and the second was found in Germany through eBay. She then had an automotive body shop paint them with glossy black car paint. “They didn’t charge anything for the job. I just made the guys a big chocolate cake, and they were happy.”

The $299 Stockholm Rand rug from Ikea provides a visual anchor for the room: “It is made of wool so the quality is good. I also like the fact that it is big enough for the dining area and still affordable.”

Susanna prefers a mismatched set of chairs, one that includes Eames reproductions and Aalto originals from flea markets. “I can afford ones I like when I don’t need six of them! Besides, it’s nice to let guests choose their favorite.”

A string of outdoor lights fosters a cozy atmosphere. “I tried them out once for a party and they looked so nice that I decided to keep them. The light is warm and inviting.”

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    Fine Finnish

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