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An Angular Futuristic House in Georgia

The Decatur, Georgia, residence belonging to two book authors is an angular exercise in creating a dynamic structure. "It has energy and does not feel heavy or is static," says architect Staffan Svenson of Atlanta-based firm Dencity Design. Inside, Svenson divided the house into seven levels and introduced a vibrant color palette and rich material program at the residents' request. The resulting modern live/work abode gives the owners a sense of adventure as they traverse the spaces.

A screened-in porch was a must-have for the residents (they love to sit outside but hate mosquitoes) and influenced the building's asymmetrical shape. "The question became how can we integrate this into the design of a modern house," says architect Staffan Svenson. "Can it be a screen porch without looking like one?" He devised a plan to hang a horizontal louver system from the structure to give the illusion that the powder-coated steel fins hover in place. He used the same material for the guard rail on the second story.

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