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Slumber Party

The latest trend in hotel design is none other than bunk beds. Building on the February 2013 issue's Hotel Register on Mexico City hostel Downtown Beds, we've searched high and low to find new destinations featuring those nostalgic summer-camp throwbacks. In this slideshow, see the Freehand in Miami Beach, Florida; the Basecamp Hotel in South Lake Tahoe, California; and more.

The Freehand, Miami

Dorm-style beds $20-25; Private rooms $100-239

The Freehand calls itself a hostel, but the interiors designed by Roman and Williams, the in-house bar, and lush courtyard/pool bear little resemblance to the hostels you're accustomed to seeing. The price could not be more right for the dorm-style beds with a nautical flair. They start at $20 per night.

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