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The Dylan, Amsterdam

Last year I spent two nights at the luxurious Dylan Hotel in Amsterdam, and I'm excited to share my photos of the place. It's located in central Amsterdam, along the Keizersgracht canal, in a cluster of historic buildings that includes part of a 17th century theater; an 18th-century bakery and alms house; and a series of canal houses. There are historic architectural remnants throughout the property, including giant wooden roof beams (in my attic guestroom!), original twisting stone staircases, and yellow bricks that date back to 17th century that line the entrance hall. It opened as a hotel in 1999 and recently underwent a renovation; just last year, the design firm FG stijl redesigned ten rooms in an adjacent historic building. When I was there, they were still under construction, but I recently received photos of the completed spaces, and they're lovely. Take a look!

This is the hotel's front entrance, and the property's most historic architectural relic. A stone theater built in 1637 by the architect Jacob van Campen once stood here. It was a famous theater, visited by celebrities and crowned heads of that era. In 1737, Vivaldi conducted a concert there for the theater's 100-year anniversary. But the place burned down in 1772 during a performance by a Flemish operetta company. A tin full of candle wax caught fire and set the side-scenes alight. Only the hotel's present-day doorway (pictured here) and the hall where the landlord lived, where guests now check in, were spared.

The Dylan Hotel
Keizersgracht 384
1016 GB Amsterdam
+31(0)20 530 2010
Doubles from $380

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