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15 Modern Summer Rentals

Plan your summer getaways with our picks for Airbnb rentals with great design. Warning: You may want to stay indoors during your vacation.



linden residence
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Small in Seattle

For architect Michelle Linden, living and working in 600 square feet poses its challenges, but one of the biggest was completing a gut-renovation on the tightest of budgets—just $25,000.
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A Sustainable Home in Silicon Valley

Spatial efficiency meets energy efficiency in this Bay Area home designed by an architect for his parents.
Maxon series post7

Building the Maxon House: Week 7

In our latest Backstory series, Seattleite Lou Maxon recounts the thrills and trials of ditching the suburbs, buying property, and designing and building a modern house with Tom Kundig of…
softbox apartment hardbox and wall closed
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Handled With Care

In Warsaw, Poland, a resident breathes new life into an old apartment by dismantling, then reassembling, his late grandmother's hodgepodge of wooden furniture and creates a self-contained do-it-all…
mcdonald house exterior night

Planning for a Historic Home Renovation

The most successful historic home renovation is the one planned in detail. Having a plan identifies the work to be done at the approved cost and at the expected quality level.
Modern linden plywood and ash staircase cabinet
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5 Home Design Solutions in Japan

These five homes in Japan solve a variety of problems, whether it’s a lack of square footage, privacy, or lighting.


One piece of correspondence that never darkens the mailbox of this Northern California beach house is a utility bill (nor are guests wandering around swathed in multiple sweaters).
dunbar astrkhan front facade

8 Ways to Creatively Insulate Your Home

Take the sting out of the colder months with smart, green insulation.


maya tile pic 1 notext

lamesadevenn: Part Seven

In this series, trace the story of lamesadevenn, a green live/work space in Santa Fe, New Mexico, created for two community groups, La Mesita and La Resolana.


sustainable modernism

Sustainable Modernism

In March of 2013, Dwell and the Lincoln Motor Company launched the Hello, Again contest: Re-imagine a Mid-CenturyHome for the Modern World. The design community voted on the many entries received.