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Norwegian kitchen with floor-to-ceiling windows and custom-built cabinets.
Norwegian cabin living area with sofa and chair.
Bedroom in a Norwegian cabin
Norwegian cabin with tiled bathroom floor.
Norwegian cabin with stone exterior and roof and solar panels
Norderhov central fireplace with a wood-burning stove.
Norwegian cabin interior with undulating curves
Modern Brooklyn apartment has seamless sliding door that separates the master bedroom and living room
Children's bedroom with a bunk bed in Brooklyn
Modern Brooklyn apartment kitchen with Borghini marble countertop and backsplash
Modern Brooklyn apartment master bedroom with a murphy bed and desk
The evening bath is a ritual in Japan, and public baths are still around, but this is a new twist. Moriyama curtains the bath during use, but won’t cover any other windows, “because it feels good to couple the inner space with the outside world.”
Bathroom with marble tiles.
puzzle loft kitchen view hallway
"I think of the bed as intimate space," Hughston says, "and putting the bed away—having it out of sight when not in use—is satisfying." The custom-designed Murphy bed, concealed by day behind the gold curtain is well built; it's ergonomically easy to lowe
The table’s base, which itself is an additional storage container, rolls easily into place to support the surface.
Renovated Upper East Side apartment
Modern Brooklyn apartment has seamless sliding door that separates the master bedroom and living room
Modern small space bedroom nook with stairs
Sliding door between living and dining area.
Custom storage along the bedroom wall.
Particleboard shelves that can be repositioned in tiny home
Affordable Portland home with custom bookshelf room divider between living and dining
Modern Japanese home with continuous wooden staircase
Sleek wood boathouse with glass doors
Swedish artist's studio in plywood with skylight
Small Swedish log cabin concept
Wood cabin with outdoor terrace and bench
Small cabin with bench around the perimeter
Swedish cabin with folding walls to the outdoors
Brutalist concrete cabin with an outdoor waterfall
oak boards in tiny tokyo home