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Original illustrations of the slope of the Douglas House by Richard Meier
Modern waterfront living room renovation
An exterior view of the Douglas House in the hillside on the coast of Lake Michigan.
An exterior view of the cascading architectural promenade of the Douglas House.
Modern hillside footbridge
Designer Barbara Hill in front of her weekend home
Dining room with antique table
Barbara Hill renovation bathroom
Designer Barbara Hill reading
Designer Barbara Hill's bathroom with vanity countertop
Modern bathroom with salvaged privacy screen
Torres Residence private deck.
Torres Residence sun deck.
Torres Residence entry before renovation.
Torres Residence entry after renovation.
Torres Residence kitchen with red cabinetry.
Torres Residence living room before renovation.
Torres Residence living room after renovation.
Torres Residence dining room with wooden table and bench.
Torres Residence master bathrom
Torres Residence guest bathroom.
modern dwellings kalmic house quincy jones kitchen cabinets induction stove
Modern kitchen with Douglas-fir island and cabinets
Modern living room with exposed painted brick walls
Modern dining area with black furniture and David Weeks pendant light
Modern bathroom with irregular tiled wall
Front door entrance with black and white concrete tiled floor
Modern kids bedroom with play teepee
Modern kitchen dining area with wooden furniture
New Zealand home has double height ceiling with Moooi pendant lamps above the dining area
New Zealand home with anodized aluminum louvers by the master bedroom
New Zealand home floor plans