All Renovation images

woodwork portland renovation interior bathroom
Dining room with Jean Prouvé chairs and Lenin prints
Bright living area with Eames storage unit and graphic prints
Metal kitchen cabinets with translucent Panelite backsplash
Panelite divides bathroom cabinet and kitchen backsplash
Renovated hallway with bamboo-plywood storage compartments
Renovated bedroom with vintage subway sign and book jackets on the wall
Hallway with exposed steel i-beam and graphic art
Hallway with bathroom encased in Panelite that illuminates at night
Dark hallway before shot
Bright modern living room renovation with red Eames chair and graphic prints
New York City renovation floor plan
Before photo of living room wall pre-demolition
renovated Ray Kappe bungalow in Manhattan Beach exterior facade
Torres Residence living room before renovation.
Torres Residence sun deck.
Torres Residence kitchen with red cabinetry.
Torres Residence dining room with wooden table and bench.
Torres Residence master bathrom
Torres Residence guest bathroom.
Torres Residence private deck.
Torres Residence entry after renovation.
Torres Residence entry before renovation.
Torres Residence living room after renovation.
An exterior view of the roof deck and view of Lake Michigan from the Douglas House.
Multipurpose room with minimalist colors
family dining in modern kitchen
Blue mosaic tile outdoor shower
Modern timber house kitchen with tiles, custom oak veneer cabinetry
Modern timber house addition with fiber-cementboard facade
Modern timber house kitchen with blackbutt wood flooring
Modern timber house living area fireplace covered by charcoal tiles and a custom bench