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Copenhagen Prefab Front Exterior
Prefab Cass House on Staten Island by Frank Lloyd Wright
Copenhagen Prefab Black Facade
Vipp prefab Shelter
murren prefab residence exterior
The Blue Sky prototype house leads a second life as desert getaway for David McAdam and his partner Scott Smith.
modular beachside getaway Australia
Exterior of Vipp Shelter prefab
Spanish prefab with pool.
Spanish prefab with barbecue area and patio.
Spanish prefab with soft oak flooring.
Small kitchen tucked against the wall.
Dining room table that turns into a pool table.
Prefab with an abundance of smart tech features.
Solar power cells collect energy at this Spanish prefab.
The living room looks out toward the two waterfalls that are also part of the property and the inspiration for its name. Artist Constantin Hapaianu made the coffee table and the stainless steel railings surrounding the staircase.
cedar clad prefab house by method homes
Cloverdale Prefab Home showing exterior from hill
The Stack modular apartment building in Manhattan
Prefab housing unit in Mexico made of shipping containers and concrete
The prefab Courmayeur Ski & Snowboard School near Mont Blanc.
Courymayeur Ski School is made of recyclable materials.
Courmayeur reception desk.
Prefab Courmayeur Ski and Snowboard School is weather-resistant.
superior logic exterior open glass house
Prefab floating home in Seattle with fiber cement panels on the facade
Prefab home by Habitat for Humanity of the Chesapeake
Modern treehouse in Belgium.
modern design prefab sunset facade outdoor connect homes