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sill succulent

Potted Plants Delivered to Your Door

In New York, you can get virtually anything delivered, but The Sill, a houseplant shop delivery service, is tops.


Chieftains Chair

$15,970.00  at the Dwell Store
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MWT Stainless Steel Oil and Vinegar Cruet Set

$68.00  at the Dwell Store
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Topo Designs Duffle Bag

$129.00  at the Dwell Store
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Hanger Folding Chair

$200.00  at the Dwell Store
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sculpture field

Dwell Recommends: Storm King Art Center

Storm King Art Center offers two new reasons to visit Upstate New York in the upcoming months.


The Bathroom Reinvented: Hyphae

Ecologist Brent Bucknum, principal of Hyphae Design Lab in Oakland, California, shares the ABC's of re-routing a home's waste water (greywater) to