Storage Slings

For those spots where a table will take up too much space and piling your on the floor isn't exactly appealing, try hanging a sling from the wall for a bit of extra decorative storage.

Inspiration from this project came from Swedish design superstar Lotta Jansdotter (if you're not familiar with her patterns and products, take a look through her site, which offers an epic bounty of lovely, lovely stuff...). Handmade Living is one of her books from Chronicle, and it is chock-full of really fantastic, super Scando design ideas: recipies, decoration, organization and more. If somehow my life was even a fraction as fresh and bright as the images in this book, I'd be doing mighty fine.

The sling apparently originated as a means to hold trays in the kitchen, but I figured it would be a perfect place to slip my nighttime reading. It's easy to make—even for the most novice seamstress, like myself—and quick, and can pretty much go anywhere in the house. Click through the slideshow for a how-to!


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