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August 2, 2013
In our latest contest, Show Us How You Nest, we asked to see how much better your home would look with a new Nest Learning Thermostat. Here are our favorite 20 entries.

Entry Nest

We would love the nest in our entry/living room as a beautiful improvement to our ugly and problematic outdated thermostat. We have a 3 month old baby girl, so maintaining a comfortable temperature at all times is especially important to us now. Her room is in the background. It's mid‐century, colorful and has a polka dot theme! The nest would be the final update on a recent remodel...the finishing touch!

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At Our House

At our house, we love bold color, innovative art, design and music with a minimalist approach. Simply put, the composition is not complete without the Nest thermostat in the picture.

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Paradise Nest

The circular and chrome looking design would easily match the decor in my living room. The simplistic control would allow me to set the right temperature for my plants and family at my fingertip anywhere with wifi. I could also preset the right temperature when away from home, to conserve the energy and lower my monthly bill. Healthy plants give me fresh air for healthy living. Nest would truly make my home become a paradise.

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Amelie Approves

While the best addition to our '59 Mid Century was our 9 month old, Amelie Ray, we thoroughly enjoyed every step of our ground-up restoration and furnishing of our classic California pool home- complete with its 10 x 30 glass wall in the main living space. The Pacific breezes do their best to maintain comfortable temperatures for our family throughout the summer, balancing the suns warming rays, but often passive cooling is just not enough. Between dips in the pool, Amelie would revel in conditioned air- and her parents would delight in the energy efficiency and (of course) the aesthetics of the Nest thermostat!

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The "Nunes" Nest

We love mid century modern and danish modern and are slowly, but steadily refurnishing, painting, and re-styling our nest! We have an old honeywell thermostat...so BORING! Would love to see a nest thermostat over the credenza...the finishing touch for that wall. My two sons have one and are very happy with it and the ability to set the thermostat with their mobile devices...it's time for Mom and Pops to have one.

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Bird House Renovation

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Help, my nest needs a Nest!!!!!!!!!

Hi, I'm Eva Warne from Boca Raton FL. I just turned 14 and I recently redesigned my room. I think modern rooms/houses are so amazing because the creativity behind them is incredible. I would love to have a Nest in my room because it would look so beautiful!

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Complete My Nest, Please!

We love our new home. Our biggest problem is the thermostats. We have never been able to regulate the radiant heat very well. Additionally, my husband and I travel a lot for business so, not to be wasteful and to keep our carbon footprint low, we turn off the heat while we're away. After being on the road we come home to a very cold house. It takes our radiant heat almost 24 hours to warm the house to a comfortable level. Nest Learning Thermostat seem like the perfect solution to our radiant heat dilemmas. Not only would we be able to live more comfortably on a day­‐to‐day basis with Nest's exclusive True Radiant feature regulating the temperature, we would be able to remotely turn our dreaded cold homecoming into a welcoming warm nest.

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Daly Girl

I was lying in bed with my wife & daughter on a rainy Saturday morning browsing the new Dwell and came across the nest add. I asked my daughter Daly if she wanted to peel the sticker & put it on the wall. I didn't know where she would put it. It ended up where she could use it!

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Fourth Ward Loj

I love my 750-square-foot loft. After several years of tweaking, adjusting, and evolving, it's finally exactly the way I want it. With one exception­‐the 1977-style thermostat, replete with gold-­toned and ecru plastic rectangular housing. 70's glam, but not in the good way (especially odd as the loft was constructed in 2003). Pictured is the office nook, and oh my, wouldn't that sleek nest just complete this space?

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Chicago Nest

We just moved into this townhouse which has about 60 windows. It's amazing! It also creates a problem of regulating the temperature. We would love to have the Nest in here.

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Keeping the right temperature for our new Baby

My wife and I just had our first daughter. As you can see from the photo, her Cradle (Hand Built by Grandpa) is in our Master Bedroom while she is wee little. And for her we want it just the right temperature whenever she is in there. The problem is that the thermostat for our house is downstairs while our room is upstairs. On top of that, I just got a new job where I work from home in an office just through the sliding pocket doors in the photo. So even though I have the thermostat on a schedule, there are times at night or during the working hours that although it is cool downstairs it gets warm in our bedroom or the office. At night we need it around 72 for the baby. And during the day I tend to keep it warmer but comfortable enough to work. Having the Nest in our room would make it easy to make the constant changes for it to learn the best schedule to both save us energy and keep it cool for baby and daddy.

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The Nest Best Thing!

They say you can't choose your relatives, but with Nest, we finally have a reason to disown our ugly beige thermostat in favor of its more attractive, smarter relative. That's right, we've adopted Nest and made it part of our family. Nest will always answer our calls, it continually gets smarter, and it saves us money, which is more than we can say for any of our human family members. It's sleek and attractive, never talks back, and with its trendy orange and blue colors it is always appropriately dressed for any occasion. Nest just works hard, and looks cool, sort of like the uncle you secretly wish you had. Welcome to our family Nest, it's nice to have someone we trust in our home, even if we're not.

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Hot dog

We need a Nest thermostat because we adopted a poodle mix we call Pooka. Sometimes it get very hot in Long Beach. Pooka often stays in the house alone. If we forget to turn on the AC she is not very happy. With this awesome new product we can now turn on the AC via our smart phones. This not only makes Pooka happy but it makes me happy. You see when I say "we forget to turn on the AC" I really mean I forget. And of course I get reminded by my lovely bride when I get home. Thanks for the consideration. It's time to get rid of my ugly thermostat, and get a Nest for my nest.

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Temperature identity crisis!

Sacramento is a city nestled in the California valley that experiences forty-degree temperature changes each day! Our poor programmable thermostat can't keep up with this endless cycle. Working from home has us enduring these fluctuations, and no matter how much we root for it, our thermostat continues to be the little engine that couldn't. We love to save electricity, but don't love to adjust our thermostat with the movement of the sun!

Our old-­meets-­new sensibility inspires us to create things using pieces otherwise left behind. For instance, our headboard is made from our neighbors' throw-­away fence pieces and old paint. We refurbished an old Spanish chandelier a family member was going to abandon. These items were acquired for free and we transformed them into focal points of our bedroom. Throughout our house we've refurbished old chairs, a couch, accent pieces and made shelves and tables from reclaimed wood. A new Nest wouldn't only make our house smart and efficient, but it would also help us solve our temperature identity crisis in style!

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Does it come in Orange?!

I saw a Nest display at Lowe's and loved the idea and the design!! I've been in energy conservation consulting in another life and still live it a little. We love our "nest."

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This is a photo of my living room, fondly dubbed "the Aquarium". Our palette was inspired by aqua tones of a trip to Maui and black calla lilies. The charcoal goldfish drawing was done by a friend of mine. Nest fits nicely in the room, positioned as fish food for the fish.

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Fitzgerald Dwelling

This is the entrance to our dining area. The lovely Bob Rankin painting titled Fiji Fish greets our diners. You can see in the background our collection of Mission-style dining pieces that we have collected. We have a contemporary designed house with an eclectic mix of early and mid-century-modern pieces. The Nest would finish up the look.

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More art on our wall...

The look a Nest thermostat gives a room can be thought of as a piece of art work. Its beautiful to look at, touch and use... just like a Picasso! I would add it next to our 'collection' of butterflies, toys, sculpture and art... it seems to look like it belongs there! When guests come over for parties, I would show it off like the rest of my collection. The quality of my life would be improved because I would never have to worry about how my home 'thinks' about keeping me comfortable no matter what season it is. Thank you for creating a truly wonderful piece of technology and... art!

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Nesting in Belgium

In Belgium it's raining most of the time. People say you realize you are in the summer when you notice that the rain is hot... but we actually experience the full swing of seasons from minus 15C to close to 35C on summer days, and the sky... aaah the sky, truly like in the Flemish paintings: from ethereal blue to truly miserable greys. We just hope to bring our home a slightly more regulated interior, so that we can continue to enjoy the exteriors...and I am sure our Australian dog will appreciate a little extra thermal comfort as much as the rest of the family. The Nest is beautiful !

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Entry Nest

We would love the nest in our entry/living room as a beautiful improvement to our ugly and problematic outdated thermostat. We have a 3 month old baby girl, so maintaining a comfortable temperature at all times is especially important to us now. Her room is in the background. It's mid‐century, colorful and has a polka dot theme! The nest would be the final update on a recent remodel...the finishing touch!

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