QuaDror Unveiled at Design Indaba

In its simplest version, QuaDror looks like a child's wooden puzzle. Dror Benshetrit aligns four L-shaped blocks, and effortlessly shifts them from a few flat planes into an elegant structure. It looks so natural that it's hard to imagine that it's not already familiar. Benshetrit's new universal joint, which was just unveiled at South Africa's Design Indaba, is poised to offer a tremendous range of structural alternatives at just about every level. "I'm passionate about things that transform," says Benshetrit.

Benshetrit didn't set out to reinvent the wheel—er, joint—when considering aesthetic solutions for interlocking corners. "I really wanted it to look super balanced and equal," he says. "It was just laying out a little experimentation: 'What if.' What if they have this strange cut and they sat next to each other. I started moving parts." After a soft demo, he made a wooden version in his studio to see what would happen when constructed out of more robust materials. "I fell in love with how they intersected. I just opened and closed, opened and closed, opened and closed." Take a closer look at Benshetrit's joint and its applications in the following video:



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