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December 12, 2013
A house is clearly more than the sum of its parts, but sometimes a single masterstroke adds the ultimate finishing touch to a project. Here are seven such moves.
Custom-designed communal living room area with wood slats
Originally appeared in Slat Happy
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From an unlikely source comes a clever privacy solution for a pair of prefabbed town houses in Los Angeles: bus graphics. Photo by Shannon Risedorph.

Originally appeared in How to Design with Green
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Modern linden plywood and ash staircase cabinet

Residents of this contemporary home in Koriyama, Japan, squeeze out every cubic inch of storage, courtesy of a centuries-old design concept.

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Originally appeared in Top Drawer
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A digitally fabricated design in London boasts secret compartments for coralling the trappings of a modern workspace. Photo by James Day.

Originally appeared in More Than Meets the Eye
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Small apartment in Manhattan New York

In Manhattan, where space is the ultimate luxury, a clever design workaround makes a dining table disappear after supper.

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Clad striped exterior

Eight years after construction began, this lakeside weekend home 80 miles outside Johannesburg, South Africa, received the long-awaited finishing touch that makes it an eye-catching thermal wonder.

Originally appeared in Colored In
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Modern wooden peg board bookshelf

An undulating wall made from over 40,000 dowels adds a dose of awe to a Massachusetts loft. Photo by John Horner.

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Originally appeared in Catch A Wave
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Custom-designed communal living room area with wood slats

Budget supplies become modern design gold in this Omaha home.

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