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January 30, 2014
At Maison & Objet, Italian company exnovo debuted six new lines of 3D-printed lighting designs created by an additive process called laser sintering.

Afillia by Alessandro Zambelli for exnovo.

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The table lamp version of Afilia features a pine base.

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Lanzavecchia + Wai, whom we featured in our May 2013 issue, created the Biophilia lampshade, an industrial product designed as a living organism.

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Rhizaria, also by Lanzavecchia + Wai, features a mouth-blown Murano glass shade enclosed in a 3D-printed lattice.

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When switched on, the lamp casts a colorful glow.

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A play on words, Plune designed by Franz Canins combines the Latin words for "feather" and "light."

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4P1B's LED Trick lamp uses tension from rubber bands to mimic the structure of a joint.

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Gio Triotto and Stefano Rigolli collaborated on Voltaire, a series of table lamps derives inspiration from the Enlightenment. "The intellectual class of Enlightenment is our favorite, and even today it still seems to be the only solution. As in the definition of Enlightenment, the light of reason is the 'content' needed to emerge from religious obscurantism, so in the bottle, the 'light contained' is the only possible reading of the object," the duo states.

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exnovo afilla

Afillia by Alessandro Zambelli for exnovo.

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