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holder andrew French Bulldog

Buyer Beware

Bad design can be not just unattractive but unhealthy. Steer clear of this trio of second-rate offerings.
August 12, 2009
holder andrew push pin

Words You Should Know

August 12, 2009
product design 101

101 Product Design

We’re surrounded by legions of products, most of them unremittingly lousy. What separates the good from the bad from the ugly? Take out your well-designed pencils for Product Design 101.
August 11, 2009
Design books

Design Books: September 2009

Check out this selection of recently released design books culled by our editors and profiled in the September 2009 issue's In The Modern World section.
August 11, 2009
Never Use White Type On A Black Background Thumbnail

Less is...

Less is more. Or maybe, less is a bore. Perhaps, less is only more when more is no good. Regardless of whether you agree with the modernist motto of Ludwig Mies van der Rohe ("Less is more") or the counterpoints presented by Robert Venturi ("Less is a bore") and Frank Lloyd Wright ("Less is only more when more is no good"), "less is more" still stands strong as an accepted design rule. Never Use White Type on a Black Background, a new book by Netherlands-based BIS Publishers, puts 51 "ridiculous design rules" on the table for debate.
August 11, 2009
The American Modern collection, manufactured by Steubenville Pottery. This was the line that brought casual dining to the tables of families across America.

Wright at Home: 1930-1965

While airport terminals aren't necessarily known as venues for stellar art exhibits, it's always a nice surprise to find some visual stimulation while floating down the conveyor belt in a travel-prepped daze. Currently, there’s an excellent Russel Wright exhibit in SFO’s United Terminal called Wright at Home: Modern Lifestyle Design 1930-1965, which is guaranteed to please traveling enthusiasts of mid-century style, though not necessarily guaranteed to prevent flight delays or lost baggage.
August 11, 2009
sleeper sofa portrait

Maxwell Gillingham-Ryan Reviews 5 Sleeper Sofas

From sitting and sleeping to lolling and loitering, these new sleeper sofas are workaholics of relaxation—on either the day or the night shift.
August 8, 2009
grabham john 1Formtable

The 1Formtable

While multifunctional furniture systems that open and unfold and morph into fifty different pieces are quite cool and impressive, there is something elegant about simple, yet multifunctional designs devoid of all these transformer bells and whistles.
August 7, 2009
Icobet Vlad Egg unfolded

Unpeeling the Egg Kitchen

Starting as a dormant, unassumingly giant egg, Romanian designer Vlad Icobet's conceptual product hatches into an elegant, all-in-one cooking facility.
August 6, 2009