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 Bruce Thatcher and Kirsty Leighton behind their London home.

Composite Index

Corporate high-flyers and admitted neat freaks Bruce Thatcher and Kirsty Leighton couldn’t handle the chaos anymore. With two small boys and demanding jobs (he works in hedge funds, she’s a PR executive), they craved order, light, and space but were prepared to settle for a washing machine. In came architect William Tozer with a plan that inserted clean white planes into the envelope of their Victorian terrace house in London. Christened the Composite House, this renovation collates Tozer’s decade of experience making small partial renovations into a complete overhaul that builds on, rather than obliterates, its Victorian origins. As the sky darkened on a rainy afternoon, Bruce and Kirsty showed us around.
January 11, 2010
you can do it

"What's Next?" Competition

It's a new year and if you're newly energized to enter some design competitions, you now have an extension to get in on the newest one from Social Designer. The "What's Next?" competition asks product designers to come up with a concept for the international market that can be part of their product subscription program.
January 9, 2010
Housemouse Doorstop Crop

Housemouse Doorstop

Last weekend I happened into the very fine San Francisco shop ATYS Design and came across this charming doorstop.
January 8, 2010
tom dixon portrait

Tom Dixon

"You can take the principles of what something stands for and use them in a completely new way. Otherwise you’re just a retrospective company," says designer Tom Dixon.
January 7, 2010
This photo, taken at the Art Institute of Chicago's Konstantin Grcic: Decisive Design show, which runs through January 24th, shows a variety of Grcic's work.

Konstantin Grcic: Decisive Design

Released at the end of last month, Konstantin Grcic: Decisive Design by the Art Institute of Chicago's design curator Zoë Ryan is a fine addition to the growing literature on the excellent Munich–based designer. Written in conjunction with AIC's exhibition of the same name, the show and this book—part of the Art Institute's A+D Series—are bound to increase Grcic's already considerable fame. The exhibition closes on January 24th, and if you've missed it, like I, this book should get you some of the way there.
January 7, 2010
Visual artist Michelle Lord

Michelle Lord

Michelle Lord is a visual artist based in Birmingham, England. For the UK’s Architecture Week 2007, she produced an ambitious architectural model based on Jorge Luis Borges’s story “The Immortal,” a labyrinthine world of classical domes and steps leading nowhere.  
January 7, 2010
os appliance manager ces201

New Energy-Saving Gadgets from CES

The Consumer Electronics Show is in full swing in Vegas and there are lots of reports coming from the blogosphere about new energy-saving devices for the home. One early peek from Engadget looks at new products from Oregon Scientific, a technology company based in Portland, Oregon.
January 7, 2010
stephen burks portrait studio

Stephen Burks

For years there’s been a divide between manufactured first-world luxury items and handmade third-world crafts, but industrial designer Stephen Burks believes that the future of design lies within that diminishing void.
January 6, 2010
Marmitta Roaster Silo

Marmitta Roaster from Kahler

Now that we're headlong into the thick of winter, and very well may have a little extra holiday cash to spend, little is more appealing that a hardy soup in a pulchritudinous pot. Designed in 2008 but only recently available in the States, Danish designer Søren Thygesen's Marmitta Roaster is at home on both the stove and the table.
January 6, 2010