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flocks poufs

The Sheep Who Made Your Pouf

The stream of amazing projects that emerge from students at Design Academy Eindhoven in the Netherlands is never-ending. This week I've come across one from an alum of the school who has spent the last few years producing work related to the output and lifecycle of livestock. Christien Meindertsma spent a summer in a village in Wales, shearing sheep and knitting with their wool—one article or product per animal. The resulting collection became a brand called Flocks, the ongoing product of which is the Urchin Pouf.
December 10, 2009
Return To Me Auto

Things To Make and Do

December 9, 2009
Using a mobile device, shoppers can get third-party information about their food. Image courtesy Goodguide.

Groceries: Marketing Strategy

In 1955, photographer Elliott Erwitt snapped a photo of a bereted Frenchman riding his bicycle down a tree-lined road with a child and a pair of baguettes strapped to the rear. It’s easy to imagine the trip the man is returning from, during which he probably visited not only the boulangerie for his bread but also the fromagerie, the pâtisserie, and the charcuterie.
December 9, 2009
Design Miami Tent

Design Miami: Recap

Design Miami wrapped up on Sunday, and all told I’d say the fair was a mixed bag. Though I tend to have a good time wandering the aisles of Aranda\Lasch’s temporary tent taking in the latest and greatest of the world of one-off, rare and limited-edition design, there did appear to be a bit more filler this year than last.
December 8, 2009
"Panel 1 - Social Abstraction"
Elements of George Nelson's "Struc Tube" (1948), reconstructed by Beck in 2006.

Panel 2 at Arthur Ross

Panel 2, Martin Beck's new exhibition at Columbia University's Arthur Ross Architecture Gallery, revisits the 1970 International Design Conference in Aspen (IDCA) to ask how design might influence democracy. Everyone seems to have a different answer.
December 8, 2009
y house exterior thumbnail

Small Box Home with Black Metal Facade in Japan

Drawing on an inherited plot of land, his father’s steel company, and his brother-in-law’s architectural know-how, Motoshi Yatabe’s new house is all in the family.
December 7, 2009
Design Miami Mexican Shrine

Design Miami: Mexican Design

When I interviewed Design Miami co-founder Ambra Medda before the show, she told me that she was most excited about a display of Mexican design pieces, ranging from mid-century to the present, collected at the gallery Sebastian + Barquet of New York. 
December 7, 2009
Ambra Medda portrait

Ambra Medda

Before the melee of Design Miami got underway I had a chance to chat with the show’s director, Ambra Medda, about the Designer of the Year, and what we could expect from this year’s event, which kicked off in Miami’s Design District on December 1st. Here’s what she had to say.
December 5, 2009
Dror Benshetrit portrait

Dror Benshetrit

One of the better satellite shows this year at Design Miami was just down the block from the Design Miami tent at the Cappelini showroom. Entitled “Limited Forever,” this show offered limited-edition re-imaginings of some of Cappelini’s iconic products from the last five years. Though some appeared, to my eye, as unneeded retreads, I was taken with designer Dror Benshetrit’s take on his recent Peacock Chair. I sat down with Dror at Fratelli Lyon in the Miami Design District for a macchiato and a chat.  
December 4, 2009