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In the living room, a profusion of orange and pink emanates from the <a href="">LivingColors</a> lamp, which is obscured from view by a Knoll sofa by Charles Pfister. Grawe's cat, Eero, settles in amongst a collection of

LivingColors Lamps by Philips

Editor-in-chief Sam Grawe offers his San Francisco apartment as a staging ground for a couple LivingColors lamps, and we asked associate photo editor Alexis Tjian to set up a few color-saturated vignettes. Check out our slideshow to see the illuminated result.
March 15, 2010
S'mores tart food recipe

Chelsea Jackson's S'mores Tart

On the cover of our March 2010 Recipe for Success issue, Chelsea Jackson sits at the kitchen island while her husband, Arthur, plates their dinner. What steals the shot from the Chef's Table article, however, is Chelsea's s'mores tart, looking divinely delicious at the end of the island. Chelsea, a certified pastry chef, happily sent us the recipe for the tart--which is her own combination of three recipes, two adaptations of existing recipes and one of her own--after a reader wrote in asking for the instructions. Roll up your sleeves and dive in.
March 15, 2010
reform school portrait thumbnail

Design Shop Visit: ReForm School in Silver Lake

Business as usual for ReForm School founders Billie Lopez and Tootie Maldonado means far more than simply managing their popular Silver Lake, California, shop. Whether exploring thrift stores for vintage finds, hosting a series of hands-on Home Ec. classes, or planning field trips to test out a new DIY-canoe kit, the duo successfully share their passion for unique goods with local (and loyal) customers and artists. With the addition of an online store, class is now in session for the rest of us, too.
March 12, 2010
valerie casey

Valerie Casey

Maybe it was jet lag, or the incipient echo of Al Gore’s recently revealed truth. Meetings devoted to diaper design might have played a part, though SkyMall’s seatback brand of captive consumerism cannot be discounted. Whatever the catalyst, while circling in the skies above Denver International Airport, Valerie Casey’s crisis of conscience hit critical mass: “What am I going to do?” she despaired. “I can’t design another thing.”
March 11, 2010
ebony snow chafey

Ebony Snow Chafey

Owner and creative director Ebony Snow Chafey cofounded the Chicago-based design and stationery firm Snow & Graham in the spring of 1998. One successful decade later, her firm does more than $2 million worth of business each year, producing cards, calendars, stationery, notebooks, and even wallpaper. One of Chafey’s stated goals is “to put good design in everybody’s hands,” and that includes producing “big, bold, modern” holiday cards you could even send to Grandma. Amazingly, Chafey was once a welder, studying sculpture at the Art Institute of Chicago—but this somewhat brutal background is impossible to detect in the simple and often mesmerizing lines of Snow & Graham’s design. Chafey invited Dwell into her busy Chicago workspace for the following Q&A.  
March 11, 2010
flood proof house exterior portrait balcony thumbnail

A Modern Coastal Home in Stinson Beach

For all the joys of beachfront living, it’s not without its risks. But with some smart design and sound engineering, this small coastal house stands tall against the threat of rising tides.
March 11, 2010
yanagi sori tea kettle

Teapots and Tea Kettles

March 10, 2010
Though she transformed herself into an alluring lady, the demon Soorpanaka can't tempt Rama away from his wife Sita.

Ramayana by Sanjay Patel

My favorite book as a kid was unquestionably D'Aulaire's Book of Greek Myths. I took it out of every branch of the Sacramento library, renewed it a hundred times and basically absorbed every story, hero, and diety. Though that's certainly set the bar Helios-high for illustrated takes on ancient tales, I could easily see illustrator and Pixar animator Sanjay Patel's new Ramayana: Divine Loophole entering the pantheon. As a retelling of the epic Hindu tale of Prince Rama (the seventh avatar of Vishnu), his bride Sita, the monkey god Hanuman, and the devliish Ravana, Patel scales the staggeringly long tome down to a digestible size withough loosing the richness of the narrative. And his illustrations--think Charley Harper doing storyboards for a mythological Mira Nair film--are sure to enchant kids, and adults, of all stripes. I enjoyed reading this version of the Ramayana immensely, and hope to gods some unsuspecting eight year-old finds his way into a whole new realm of divine delight. It's out now from Chronicle Books.
March 9, 2010