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Events this Weekend: 2.25-28

This weekend features openings and closing around the globe--from Toronto to Pittsburgh to Beijing--plus a one-day program we couldn't be more excited about: Edible Geography blogger Nicola Twilley and former Dwell senior editor Sarah Rich's first Foodprint NYC event.
February 25, 2010
No Early Birds consists of creative director Peter Simonsson (left) and architect Per Söderberg (right).

No Early Birds

Per Söderberg and Peter Simonsson are no spring chickens, though they are certainly No Early Birds. Bringing together over 20 years of combined experience in interior design, architecture and the fashion industry, the two old friends and collaborators launched their furniture company No Early Birds earlier this month at the Stockholm Furniture Fair. With plenty of stools and a brand new bench in their premier collection, we had no problem finding a convenient place to sit and get to know each other better. Here is what Per and Peter had to say about starting a business from scratch, as well as discussing the distinctive look and philosophy behind their brand-defining first pieces.
February 24, 2010
Chris Martin, co-principal of Massproductions, at the Stockholm Furniture Fair.

Chris Martin of Massproductions

Massproductions is a Stockholm-based furniture company that launched last year based on the longstanding collaboration between designers Magnus Elebäck and Chris Martin. They burst onto the furniture scene with the Tio Collection in 2009, which is already showing signs of becoming a future classic. In its first year, the Tio chair was awarded the “Golden Chair” award by the Swedish Association of Architects and the Tio table has been selected for the permanent collection of Sweden’s National Museum.  
February 23, 2010
Portrait by Kyoko Hamada.

Belt Buckles by Kiel Mead

Senior Editor Aaron Britt talked to Kiel Mead the other day, after an initial cruise through his site yielded the Birdie Light, which he promptly posted. A closer look yielded a handful of men's accoutrements that he rather liked, including a passel of belt buckles and a tie clip. They chatted them over and Kiel sent some pictures of his work. Be sure to check out the slideshow for a very design-savvy wardrobe upgrade.
February 23, 2010
kai kristiansen baxter liebchen desk

Desk Set

February 22, 2010
101 landscape supplant your lawn thumbnail

Supplant Your Lawn

It’s both water-wise and 
wallet-wise to consider alternatives to a grassy lawn. As 
more homeowners reach this conclusion, inventive designers are finding new ways to achieve beautiful, green 
surroundings that demand less care and feeding.
February 21, 2010
brook farm general store

Brook Farm General Store

If you've been longing for the timeless kitchen and home goods stocked on the shelves of Labour and Wait in East London but aren't in the UK (and thus can't have them shipped to you), Brook Farm General Store is for you. Based in Brooklyn, New York, the shop opened in June 2009 as a "modern, one-stop general store for our neighborhood," owners Philippa Content and Christopher Winterbourne say.
February 19, 2010
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Events this Weekend: 2.18-21

This weekend, exhibitions are opening around the world showcasing vertical gardens and living roofs, a $2,500 car, and the best of the best in design. Welcome to this week's edition of Out and About.
February 18, 2010