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High and Dry Dish Drainer by Black and Blum

9 Dish Drainers

August 10, 2010
kawamata sign

Cardboard Workshop

A celebration of all things impromptu and participatory, Kawamata's Cardboard Workshop at the Centre Pompidou in Paris has seen many different rebirths over the past few months. Over the weekend, I took a brief survey of this playful exhibit and its kindred architectural 'commentaries' on the exterior of the famous inside-out-building.  
August 4, 2010
dine residence kids room portrait thumbnail

Fine Dine-ing

Interior and furniture designer Nick Dine—son of pop artist Jim Dine—has a love-hate relationship with his 2,000-square-foot Hudson Square condo loft. A long rectangle, it was born a stable. The floor slants from east to west, and natural light flows in only at the extreme ends. Yet it’s still home for Dine, his wife, Vanessa, and daughters Violet, 11, and Josephine, 10. With help from Think Construction, Dine reworked the space in 2002. By embracing the loft’s quirks, he has transformed what was once a wreck into a source of inspiration. He gives us the nickel tour.
August 3, 2010
seize vingt

The Full Spectrum

August 2, 2010
z for two exterior facade thumbnail

Z for Two

In Portland, Oregon, two adjoining six-story homes on a formerly run-down urban lot add to the neighborhood’s density and its green cred.
July 30, 2010
phoenix 90

The View From Phoenix

Earlier this week, I spent two days in Phoenix, reporting a story for Dwell's upcoming December/January issue. My second afternoon, local architects Cy Keener and Jay Atherton offered to take me on a whirlwind tour of what's cool in their city. As a disclaimer Cy explained, as we trundled along in his white pickup, that in Phoenix, "'walking distance' is actually a five or ten minute drive" and that, sprawl notwithstanding, "if you know the places to go, you can live a wonderful life."
July 30, 2010
guilford cottage exterior green roof thumbnail

Striking Angular Cottage in Connecticut

What happens when the guest house becomes home? Retired couple Suzanne and Brooks Kelley found out when a pair of brainy New Haven architects breathed new architectural life into the property they’ve inhabited for over thirty years.
July 28, 2010
Cafe America chair by Grain Design

Café America Chair

At our San Francisco office, we've had reuse on our minds. While perusing projects online this week, Grain Design's Café America chair caught my eye. The chair is not only made of recycled galvanized steel chain-link fencing but it also cleverly rethinks the use of the material—and was designed with its afterlife in mind as well.
July 27, 2010
Gaetano Pesce thumbnail

Designer Gaetano Pesce

After meeting Gaetano Pesce at “Pieces of a Larger Puzzle,” his first West Coast retrospective at the Istituto Italiano di Cultura in Westwood, I caught up with the artist, designer and architect and asked him a few questions for
July 26, 2010