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SK 4/10 Radio Phonograph by Dieter Rams and Hans Gugelot for Braun
Model 1 Preamplifer by Saul Marantz
Three-layer box and tray set
Wall-mounted storage compartments for books and accents
White-framed valet style key box
Side table designed like simple wood box
Three storage boxes with colorful acrylic lids
Handmade Nicaraguan teak tool box
Storage box with marble inlay
Spa-like bathroom with huge walk-in shower
Muji water kettle by Naoto Fukasawa
Muji water kettle by Naoto Fukasawa
Marble bathtub and stainless steel countertop
How to make your own tile wall
Measuring tape
Modern library with Marcel Breuer's Wassily chars for Knoll
Melbourne Apartment Living Room
Adjustable storage caddy in metal and wood
Simple spice grinder inspired by traditional oven knobs
Multi-function table lamp for desk or nightstand
Simple folding chair with versatile storage solution
Woven green and pink doormat for indoor and outdoor spaces
Sculptural candle holder with asymmetrical details
Brass wheel-shaped beer bottle opener
Stool inspired by traditional weaving
Distinctive light source made from concrete and LED
Earthenware vase with pleated detail
Charles Gane cottage outdoor fireplace ipe deck.
Double height space with stairwell
Sophisticated walnut wood bread board with leather tie