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Earth Brooch by Gijs Bakker
Penguin chair with minimal fabric
Industrial steel cake stand
Record player and radio by Braun
Magnetic fields black tray
Deep Sea shelf by Nendo and Glas Italia
Watering can by Aldo Bakker
A glassware collection by Nendo made from recycled Coca-Cola bottles.
Hackney Sofa by Wrong for Hay that flat packs
Feral Cat Shelter by Formation Association and Edgar Arcenaux
Cat shelter by Abramson Teiger Architects
Cat's Cradle by DSH Architecture
Kitty Condo by RNL
HABICAT by Pfeiffer Partners Architects
HOK cat shelter
Rubber Fishy by NAC Architecture
Cat Chalet by Space Int'l
RTKL MEOW cat house
Cat Cube by Standard Architecture | Design
Raydoor's Luke Siegel with graffiti artists
Wraparound wooden bedroom with bunk bed nooks
Wraparound wooden bedroom with bunk bed nooks
Raydoor founder Luke Siegel with oak and glass sliding doors
White oak and opal frosted glass doors by Raydoor
Raydoor barn door hardware detail
Raydoor transparent sliding door system
Resource Furniture micro hotel suite with convertible sofa bed
Media unit with dining table hidden behind TV