Large Italian Fusti Dispenser

Large Italian Fusti Dispenser by Il Fustino

Though Italians use it traditionally for storing olive oil, you could use the stainless steel fusti to dispense anything from iced tea to mulled wine, depending on the season and occasion. Its industrial design is a great accent to your kitchen décor and is excellent for serving large groups.

Weight: 7.5 pounds / 3.4 kilograms 

-Height to shoulder: 12.4 inches / 31.5 centimeters
-Height overall: 14.6 inches / 37 centimeters
-Diameter: 14.75 inches / 37.5 centimeters
-Neck Diameter: 7.8 inches / 20 centimeters
-Volume: 6.6 gallons / 25 liters