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Element Grill


When San Francisco–based Fuego came out with their first grill, the Fuego 01, in 2006, it was the antidote to the ubiquitous round tripod-foot grill, but it retailed for a hefty price of $3,500. This year, Fuego cofounders Alex Siow and Robert Brunner have introduced the Element by Fuego, a gas grill with a similarly sleek and modern design with a much lighter price tag.

“We wanted to create a grill that was affordable to all, and make something really special in the process,” says Brunner, who is also a founder of the Ammunition Group, the design firm responsible for the Arc kitchen hood by Zephyr, Kohler’s Karbon faucet, and Palm’s Think Outside folding keyboard.

Element 01 ($649) has a stainless finish, Element 02 ($549) is in powder-coated gray and Element 03 ($449) comes in white or apple red. Each houses a small propane tank, eliminating the need for fumey charcoal, and features a 24,000 btu dual-zone burner and roasting lid that hooks onto the side when not in use. A swingout wood prep tray is standard on the 01 and 02 models, and an optional pizza stone and cast-iron hot plate for maximum searing are also available.       —Erika Heet


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