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August 11, 2013
Atwater Village lies between the Los Angeles River to the west and Glendale to the north and east. This diverse neighborhood shares borders with thriving Silver Lake to the south, Elysian Valley to the southeast, Glassell Park to the northeast, and Los Feliz and Griffith Park across the river to the west. It is really coming into its own as a small neighborhood with major aesthetic sensibilities. Glendale Boulevard is its main artery, and home to a wide variety of markets and craft stores.
Atwater Village street in Los Angeles

Yarn bombed trees are commonplace in Atwater Village.

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Wall mural by David Flores in Atwater Village, Los Angeles

Well-known artist David Flores pays tribute to MCA on an Atwater Village wall.

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Atwater Village Farm

Locals adore Atwater Village Farm because owner, Patrick O’ Donnel, has curated the very best local and artisinal foods and put them under one roof. If pickling strikes your fancy, there is a whole refrigerator full of mason jar goodness. The produce tastes as beautiful as it looks, and the baked goods beckon, "You had me at giant pretzel."

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Atwater Village Farm

If brining is your thing, check out this savory display.

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Don't forget to check out all of the spices and dried goods.

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Juice in Atwater Village

Juice is a fairly new addition to the strip, but it has settled in quite nicely. All of the juices are cold pressed which means no preservatives and a super short shelf life. It doesn’t get any fresher, or delicious. Residents order by number, but there is a handy menu featured prominently if you’re a newbie.

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Juice in Atwater Village

The real estate is small, but you can find everything that you need right here.

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Individual Medley in Atwater Village

If your best friend has impeccable taste with a flair for vintage, they would never want to leave Individual Medley, ever. Everything from the window displays (a tent and an outdoor fireplace), to the handcrafted leather boots, to the various natural lotions and perfumes are all so thoughtful and inviting. The store doesn’t even have a website! How’s that for old school?

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Individual Medley in Atwater Village

Handcrafter leather boots in a rich chocolate brown.

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Atwater Village street in Los Angeles

Yarn bombed trees are commonplace in Atwater Village.

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