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December 23, 2010

Kitchen systems are a lot like prefab housing: they're designed to be modular but they're endlessly customizable—not that that's a bad thing. The advantage of choosing a kitchen system or a prefab is the security of knowing what you're getting: what it will be made of, when and where it will be constructed. You purchase deliverable, detailed promises. The disadvantage, however, is that because they're not truly factory-made, off-the-shelf products, these products are often more expensive than we'd expect. But, if a kitchen system is something you can invest in, here's one that's caught our eye.

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Code Natural kitchen by Snaidero Design straight shot

Earlier this year, Snaidero Design introduced its new Code kitchen. The modular, fully customizable system is available in color laminates but its the Code Natural that piqued our interest.

Comprising vertical slats of ash wood cut at different widths, the cabinets add a textural visual warmth to the streamlined kitchen. The countertops act as counterpoints, available in laminate, marble, granite, stone, Corian, or steel.

Code Natural kitchen by Snaidero Design counter
In addition to customizable drawers, pull-out baskets, and LED strip lighting, Snaidero offers accessories ranging from cutlery trays and spice racks to letter holders, chalkboards, and even baby bottle holders (which seems a little unnecessary and unwise unless they can be used another way as the children age).
Code Natural kitchen by Snaidero Design open shelving
Watch our slideshow about Snaidero's wheelchair-accessible kitchen system, Skyline, or see the company's Spazio vivo Mobile Kitchen Unit now at the Museum of Modern Art in New York, on display in its exhibit Counter Space.

Code Natural kitchen by Snaidero Design reverse view

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