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Climate-controlled high-rises make sense when the changing seasons bring extreme temperature shifts, but in Bangkok, year-round hot and humid days blend into similarly sultry nights. Enter the Met, an award-winning residential skyscraper by multidisciplinary design firm WOHA. Located in the heart of Thailand’s capital, the tower gives the western model an eastern makeover and welcomes the elements into its infrastructure.

The Met, Bangkok
Architects - WOHA Designs
The Met, Bangkok Architects - WOHA Designs

Mun Summ Wong, the principal architect behind the Met and one of WOHA’s founding directors, envisioned the building as a “vertical community” that translates the comforts of land-bound living to the sky. A staggered plan allows for cross-ventilation between the towers, which are connected by bridges that double as airborne gardens and terraces. “The higher you are, the more pleasant it gets,” Wong says. Since its completion in 2009, the Met stands tall as a 66-story notch in the tropical belt.

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